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October 25 2014 7 25 /10 /October /2014 03:37

What is TPMS?

TPMS, short form of Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is an electronic system to monitor the air pressure inside a tire. Most vehicles after 2006 equipped with TPMS system.

The symbol of TPMS:
Types of TPMS:

TPMS can be divided into two types according to the tire pressure monitor ways: direct TPMS (dTPMS) and indirect TPMS (iTPMS).

Direct TPMS monitors the actual air pressure inside each tire via a sensor mounted within the tire. Indirect TPMS measures tire pressure by monitoring the speed and rotation of each individual wheel.

What is the function of TPMS?

TPMS can give an alert when your vehicle’s tire pressure is low or is going flat. It helps to maintain the tire pressure which means it can increase your safety on the road by improving your vehicle’s handling, decreasing tire wear, reducing braking distance and bettering fuel economy.

How to maintenance the TPMS system?

If the vehicle’s TPMS indicator light comes on, there is problem on the TPMS system. You will properly go to the mechanic to diagnose and detect the system

A TPMS diagnostic and service tool is needed when diagnose the TPMS system. Autel MaxiTPMS series (TS401, 502 and 601) TPMS diagnostic and service tool are the most welcomed product among mechanics. Newly launched Foxwell NT1001 is also an advanced TPMS trigger tool for vehicle owners. For more TPMS service device, please check here.

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October 24 2014 6 24 /10 /October /2014 04:09

If you aim to choose an auto diagnostic for Citroen or Peugeot, you absolutely do not miss chance to know more information about Lexia3 V48 PP2000 V25 in advance, and I strongly believe that it will leave you memorial impression.

So, I would like to have detailed introduction about this gadget from different aspects. Of course, you should realize that Lexia 3 is a basic diagnostic tool with consideration of its price --- only US$80.00. It almost supports all the basic diagnostic functions, such as read and clear fault code, read identification and auto-scan and more.
What are the remarkable Lexia 3 highlights?

1.Its PCB edge is golden with original full chips. 12 PCS promote its operation more stable.
2.Multi-language: English, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Hungary, Greek, Czech.
3.Well compatible with most Citroen and Peugeot cars, and diagnosis is performed via OBD II connector or via manufacturer-specific connector.
4.This diagnostic interface contains K-Line multiplexor, CAN-BUS interfaces and SAE J1850 BUS (both PWM and VPW)

If you wanna know more detailed information, you can visit

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October 23 2014 5 23 /10 /October /2014 03:55

I just searched on the hyundai-forums and many posters asked for a link to download GDS VCI software.

GDS, short for Global Diagnostic System which is the best OEM diagnostic system for Hyundai and Kia vehicle makes. I purchased the GDS VCI diagnostic system with the English version V15 for a couple of days. I own myself a 2014 Hyundai Santa Sport. I have tested the software on my Sony PC running win XP home. It helped cleared an ABS and an airbag error code, coded chassis module, read dynamic data, reset adaption values etc.

I am not going to discuss how to use the device or how the system works on my vehicles, I am just to offer some files download link for GDS VCI.

Software Installation guide for V15 GDS.rar download

Software and User manual download

Or you can download the software here

GDS VCI driver download

Hyundai & Kia-GDS software can not install in one computer. If you install KIA software, you need to install Hyundai master DVD first, or the installation may fail.

Do not mean your thanks if it helps.

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October 22 2014 4 22 /10 /October /2014 04:24

Multi-diag J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 device, one of best universal auto diagnostic tool, is 100% compatible with Pass-Thru + XS (known as Multi-diag Access) by Actia. As a powerful VCI (vehicle communication interface), it shows great advantages not only in function, but also multi-language and wide car models.
And this time, I would like to talk about “how to solve J2534 crack out of date problem”, which is also the problem I ever met. When I want to read the cardata via the interface for my car, and then the subscription ended. It is somewhat different when I made comparison with what from the video. “Deactivation MAJ MD 1.0” File is missing on the DVD I downloaded.

So I immediately came to Xcardiag (where I bought my Multi-diag J2534 device) engineer who was very patient to give solution until the problem solved. Now I would like to share the solution and hope it really helpful when come across the same problem.

How to fix Multi-diag access J2534 interface crack out of date problem:
1.Make sure your laptop is not connected with internet or wifi before installing the software.
2.Open file “(1) Key 076957”, and then run “KeyUpdateSpan”. After that, wait for the message “successful installation 076957” and click “OK”.
3.Install (2) 1-2013 software. If the software installed need to unlock 27-XXXXXXXXX, send it to seller to get the activation code. Choose language and continue installation until finished. When you get message “Whether you need to reboot the computer”? Of course, click “No”.
4.Install software “(3) Deactivation MAJ MD.exe” before running this software. Once you get message “Installation succeeded 076957” and click “OK”, and then restart your laptop.

So far, the problem has been well solved.

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October 21 2014 3 21 /10 /October /2014 04:22

Honda interface connects to the PC only on a Com Port (RS232), If you do not have a Com Port, you will need an adapter. Here I recommend High quality Z-TEK USB 1.1 To RS232 convert connector.

Before starting forced regeneration, there is much extra info you need keep in mind:
1.Ensure a PC laptop preferably holding the charge for use to avoid power out during the operation.
2.It takes about 30 minutes to finish the whole procedure. So either you stay in car while time is still on or off with the PC: Not to go back in the car during the regeneration, to avoid possible problems.
3.If you use an adapter Com, verify that the com port is set to COM1 (The interface does not work on another COM port).
4.Check the oil level before and after regeneration. When finish regeneration, the oil level is too high or it stinks diesel will require draining.
5.Disable the energy saving USB, anti-virus, Internet and all that can use PC recourses.

Forced regeneration operation:
1.Make a nice trick with car to make 76 ° stably or at least not too far.
2.Put them in a place where noise motor can interfere people and nothing can come under the car (The DPF rises above 600 ° C).
3.Open the hood
4.Disable all that pump energy (ceiling and more) and especially not fun to reactivate during operation.
5.Connect the HIM to the car and the computer.
6.Start the HDS
7.Turn the ignition II
8.In the HDS, press the “Select a new vehicle” and enter into mileage.
9.Select “System”.
10.Select “Diesel”
11.Check and delete the DTC menu “DTC- given frozen”. The HDS warns you it is absolutely necessary to remove them before operation and also check the various sensors of the DPF, so if you have a problem with sensors, do not hesitate going any further.
12.Go back to “settings”
13.Select “DPF Regeneration”
14.Put the engine running, power on the light and put the air conditioner on.
15.If the engine is not right temperature, the HDS asks to accelerate between 1600 and 2400 trs/min.
16.When the temperature is reached, the HDS take over, release the accelerator.
17.Allow the HDS to regeneration. The engine mounts alone at 3000trs/min during regeneration; it is stagnant at 1500 trs/min. At the end of the regeneration scheme dates back to 3000 trs/min to cool the exhaust line (weird, but it is like here).
18.When the regeneration is completed, leave the HDS, turn off the engine, remove the cable from HIM and go for a ride to make sure the cooling line.
All finished, hope it will benefit you much.
Product Link:

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October 20 2014 2 20 /10 /October /2014 04:04

Recently there are some talks about which truck diagnostic system is better for Cummins vehicles, NEXIQ 125032 USB link or INLINE 5 Insite 7.62? Their differences are best displayed as chart below.
NEXIQ super-inline-5-insite
We can draw a conclusion based on the chart that NEXIQ USB link is able to access multi computer modules e.g engine, ABS, SRS etc, while Inline 5 mainly works on engine system.

NEXIQ USB link support more operating system and Inline 5 can only work on win 7 system.

The Inline 5 Pro version V7.62 is without activation, but activation code is needed when using NEXIQ.

Inline 5 projects four basic diagnostic level functions and NEXIQ mainly performs diagnostic function.

For detail vehicle makes, please check NEXIQ 125032 USB Link and INLINE 5 INSITE 7.62 in Xcardiag.com.

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October 18 2014 7 18 /10 /October /2014 03:52

When I told my friend that I ordered a VAS 5054A from a Chinese online shop a couple days ago, he seemed somewhat worried. But I would like to express that the tool I bought is on the basis of the good customer comments.
A week later after the day I ordered it, I received it without nothing damaged and broken. I was eager to test it whether can work well for my Audi A4. According to the expression of the seller, it can be only compatible with Windows XP. The result turned out to be a nice job.

With this Bluetooth version VAS 5054A, I do not need any cable, just easily connect my car via Bluetooth, so convenient isn’t it? Additionally, it does not only support Audi, but also is available for VW, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini and Seat. While I don’t try all the car models, except my car, I also tested it for my sister’s VW, works great as well.

After that I felt very hurry to explain the good effect of VAS 5054A to my friend. He was very glad to hear that and wanted have a stab on his Skoda another day.

If you are interested in this VAS 5054A or want to know more information about it, you are recommended to visit:

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October 17 2014 6 17 /10 /October /2014 03:30

Key Pro M8 is the most powerful and professional auto key programmer for multi brand vehicle makes. It is an upgradable key adding and new key making machine. Following is the step-by-step guide of update the Key Pro M8 software.

Step 1 First of all, you should install the driver on the PC. You can refer to the blog here for detail instructions before update tokens and software.
Step 2 Connect the key pro m8 main unit with PC via USB port. Turn the device ignition on.
Step 3 Double click “M8 Update Tool.exe”, then you will notify the Serial Number of your key pro m8 after the system identifying it automatically.
Step 4 Enter the password after receiving the SN to login.
Step 5 Click “Open update file”, then select “Download” to load “S1093B1102.m8” file. The procedure lasts for about 10 minutes. Please wait patiently.
Step 6 Several software are included in the “S1093B1102.m8” file for you to update.
NOTE: When work on Toyota vehicles, no need to calculate the pin code.
Key Pro M8 Software & Manual Download
Key Pro M8 Detail Vehicle List Please refer to Xcardiag..

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October 16 2014 5 16 /10 /October /2014 05:14

One of my Japanese customers consulted our after-service to some advice for programming key for his 2012 Toyota Prius.

Xcardiag experienced technician offer he and other Toyota new vehicle (2012+) owners two options in two occasions.

Toyota newer vehicle owners still have at least one key in hand. They can pick up X-100 + X-100 plus key programmer.

X-100 + auto key programmer is a handheld device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles. Multi-brand vehicles, Toyota included are covered on the vehicle available. X-100 + key programmer features new key programming and new immobilizer programming. It has ability to read keys from immobilizer’s memory. It can also support ECU programming for newer vehicles. With at least one key, you can program new key for your vehicles. It is a easy-to-use key clone machine.

When Toyota vehicle owners have lost all of their keys, in this case you should have immoecu changed. Allscanner VCM VCX-Nano scanner and AllScanner IT3 tool both are good choices.

Allscanner VCM VCX-Nano scanner is compatible with standard SAE-J2534 pass thru. It is able to project multi channel online diagnostic and reprogramming. Allscanner VCM also comes with third party and OEM original diagnostic software. It is now out of stock in xcardiag. You may choose another option IT3.

AllScanner IT3 tool is the latest automotive scanner designed for Honda and Toyota vehicle makes. It is compatible with latest VCX software which can operate under WinCE and Wins system. You can get the ECU immobilizer replaced with the allscanner IT3 scan tool.

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October 15 2014 4 15 /10 /October /2014 05:03

Tango Key Programmer is the top-rated key programmer which supports frequently free upgrade online. Tango now has updated to the newest V1.96.3.

NOTE: Original Tango key programmer should be sent back to the factory for the first upgrade within 28 days purchase.
Tango key programmer V1.96.3 update guide

Step 1 Open and run Tango software. Make sure there is well network connection with computer.

Step 2 Connect the Tango main unit with computer via USB port.

Step 3 Install driver in the CD.

Step 4 After successfully install the driver, select “Help” on the main menu.

Step 5 Click “Check Updates” item and the system will run an update automatically.

Xcardiag display full information and step-by-step instruction guide of tango key programmer, please check here.


Tango Key Programmer Software Free download

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